photo book

a place for me to show off some cool photos i take, whether it's via phone camera or digital, maybe even film... once i get my hands on some. (disclaimer: some of the dates on the photos may be wrong due to my camera constantly asking for the date when i take out the battery and i'm too lazy to fix it... sorry

photo log

photo dump time! pictures from my travels this weekend, check out the blog to read more on that, if you wish.


huge photo dump of my time in good ol' san francisco! i had a huge blast, my first time in a big city like that. i definitely prefer a small town life to a big one such as SF, but i enjoyed it nonetheless.


pics on my 3ds i took because i want more cameras that take the cheapest, lowest quality pictures ever... it adds some warmth


i got this bad boy today at a convenience store. beanie baby :)


some pics i have saved on my digital camera.. most are from my trip to the beach i mentioned on my blog! i went to the beach 9/10, excuse the wrong date!

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