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welcome to the music box! this is just a place for me to show off my super cool, totally mysterious and niche music taste. i'm just here to drop song links :P.
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i'm gonna do a song dump because i would like to share the gospel with you all... starting with numero uno, stringers by momma. i've been on a huge momma kick, i barely discovered them this year but wow is their music good! i have yet to hear a skip in their discography.

i've also been on a huge midori kick, i like when music is loud and clashing. this one is my favorite, along with mecha.

ermm the only way i can explain how this song makes me feel is the fact that i put it on my spotify playlist titled "it's joever" so.

okay last one, i never posted about it but i was coming home from a vacation when i heard the news that ryuichi had passed. i spent most of the car ride home paging through his discography because prior to, i only had a handful of favorites, like his bossa-nova collaboration album with morelenbaum. it's really incredible to parse through his work because there's such a long range of genres and sounds. this one was one of my favorites because soundwise (sorry to sound cringe) it reminded me of a song from katamari. i've put a song here before that has a spoken word esque feature, and this one also does as well, which i liked. while it's sad to see him go, it's nothing short of amazing to witness just how much music he was able to put out throughout his life!


nothing insightful or funny to say, this song is just good.


in regards to tomoko kawase's multiple musical ventures, i usually always prefer tommy february6, but i've recently been getting into the brilliant green as well! this one is definitely my favorite from the group's discography so far.


i have an entire album recommendation today. i've been listening through bjork's discography, but there's one album that has specifically stuck with me due to it's beauty. her album, "homogenic" might just be my all time favorite album from her now, the previous being her debut album, "post". though i love the original album for "homogenic", i highly recommend the live version instead, as the music feels almost entirely new in contrast to the studio versions. joga sounds almost breathtaking live, i cannot imagine how it would feel to experience hearing this album live. the live orchestras are so overwhelmingly moving -- paired with bjork's raw vocals it makes for something breathtaking. at a certain part in the song, joga, you can almost hear her smile as she performs. no amount of words can convey how this album (especially live) make me feel inside.


first song of the new year! i love the spoken word in this song


gonna post a bunch of song links that i've had on loop in these last few days of 2022. listen to them NOW!

i used to make fun of my friend for being obsessed with stella donnelly but i understand it all now... she just gets it!

if you love visual kei bands like me, please listen to plastic tree! ryutaro has such a beautiful voice...

i just barely discovered spelling this month, but wow! i love her so much, she probably gets related to kate bush vocally wise a ton though. this song makes me sad, but in a good way.

last one, i've been listening to that dog. all month now, very good band! makes me feel like i'm in a teen movie from the 2000's.


in my bjork era currently... her lyricism/imagery is unmatched, but the production never gets overshadowed by it, i feel. this one is my favorite currently, but hyperballad is my favorite song by her in general :P


what better way to kick off the new month with some frou frou... i feel so cozy -w-


new kilo kish is so amazing.. i read somewhere that this is her last release with the name "kilo kish" and that she is also taking a break, which is kinda sad to hear but i hope her break is well! anyways this song is literally amazing, a lot of people i know didn't really like this album, but i loved it and i think she's a genius... death fantasy is also a really good song!


starting durarara!! again because i was like 10 when i first tried watching it and the ending song is so good..


okay another classic paramore song... suddenly have the urge to listen to them because i was watching a twitch stream and paramore was playing mostly


finally got around to listening to the new paramore and i actually really love this song! very catchy, i have good hopes for them and this new era :) i still stand by my opinion that paramore is one of the very few bands that have managed to change their sound multiple times and have it still feel like paramore. maybe i'm just biased because i love hayley williams...


i am on a jazz/bossa nova kick lately, i love sunaga t experience so much !! it's you on my mind <3


first entry, cannot stop listening to this album tonight. if you enjoy jazz i highly recommend! the chorus makes me want to cry, in a good way.

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