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JOSUKE!! Arguably one of my all-time favorite Jojo MC's, and he comes from the best part (in my opinion). Upon my first time watching Diamond is Unbreakable, I knew instantly that I'd love not only the story, but the characters involved as well. I loved that Josuke reads as a typical highschooler, in contrast to how other Jojo MC'S are portrayed as much older than they really are (though the less serious nature of Diamond is Unbreakable allows Josuke's character to be a bit more childish in nature.) I think this portrayal allowed Josuke to be much more relatable, and realistic, as we watch a teenager navigate newfound powers and vigilantism.

Besides all that, I just find Josuke neat! He's a fun character with a really cool stand, and his interactions with the characters in his story make him that more enjoyable to me :)


Arguably one of the funniest characters for me to be obsessed with throughout my Jojo adventure. The easiest way to explain why I love F.F so much is that she (or rather, it) is just a sentient stand living life as a female prisoner. She's a goofball! She's a bunch of plankton posing as a human being and what is not to love there? Her character is reminiscent of another Jojo character, Mikitaka, an alien who's entire bit is poorly fitting in to their surroundings.

Originally, F.F is seen as an enemy stand who only does what it's told, and the audience expects F.F to be defeated and subsequently, destroyed. However, as Jolyne spares her and the story progresses, F.F begins to develop both a close bond with Jolyne and Ermes, and an actual personality. Despite being a stand, the audience can't help but get attached to her character. Her character reminds me a lot of Power from Chainsaw Man, both blunt and sometimes crude, but both harbor deep loyalty for their friends.


Most people absolutely despise Rohan, or find him annoying as a character, which means I obviously have to like him. Sometimes referred to as Araki's self insert, Rohan is possibly the gayest character to come from the entire series. Jokes aside, that's essentially why I love Rohan's character so much, an arrogant mangaka who is an asshole to the people he meets. He's eccentric and self-obsessed, but his rivalry with Josuke makes him an even more enjoyable character for me.


WORLD'S FIRST YANDERE! I don't have to explain myself much for my love for Yukako, but I'll do it anyways. She's an unhinged high-school girl who would do anything for the love of her life, going as far as kidnapping him and holding him captive in her house. I love crazy girls so much, and Yukako is the perfect example for my adoration.

Aside from her personality, I think Love Deluxe is the sickest song reference for a Stand, and her Stand's ability is one of my favorites. I think Araki's purpose for writing a character like Yukako makes me love her character more, as he set out to write a strong, and terrifying, female character during a time when most male mangakas were writing the typical wide-eyed female love interest.

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other favorites of mine that i love for some reason or another <3 if i don't include a character here, that doesn't mean i don't love them! i either just forgot, or i'm not as obsessed with the character like i am with the others...