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in no particular order: serial experiments lain, jojo's bizarre adventure, mob psycho 100, azumanga daioh, princess jellyfish, ouran highschool host club, saiki k, dorohedoro, oyasumi punpun, kakegurui, chainsaw man, a whole bunch of gl manga, bleach, keep your hands off of eizouken, and many more! if you really care about what else i like, check out my anilist profile here!


in no particular order: jet set radio, soulsborne games, kingdom hearts, yakuza series, kirby series, final fantasy series, katamari, splatoon series, ssbu, tekken, dead by daylight, minecraft, roblox, bloons, monster hunter, and many many more!

music + more:

some of my favorite musical artists include: tommy february 6, buck-tick, sza, red velvet, m-flo, loona, paramore, fka twigs, hikaru utada, amy winehouse, britney spears, daoko and many more. if you'd like to see some of my playlists, check out my spotify.


for all the other random interests of mine: i love the saw franchise and other horror movies. i'm obsessed with riichi mahjong (thanks yakuza games), i love spongebob a healthy amount. my letterbox'd will tell you more about what other movies i'm in love with! for authors/books, you can check out my storygraph, i catalogue most of the stuff i've read or am currently reading.

and just cause i can, here's a nice little slideshow of some of my favorite things.

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