my art

wow so much art! would you believe me if i said i drew all of these on roblox? i did... it's a favorite passtime of mine because i love drawing with anything unconventionl and complicated. its like drawing on one layer or using a whiteboard, it makes me try harder. well anyways, there's a lot of sadako here. i love her!

i have not updated this in awhile! here's a redraw(?) of the number girl album, "SCHOOL GIRL DISTORTIONAL ADDICT". i have been drawing a lot, i just never find the time to update the site..

random dump! danielle is currently my muse at the moment, hence all the doodles of her..

incredibly self indulgent lain fanart...

painting studies with bjork's blissing me music video

amanda doodles! these are redraws of older sketches i had lying around, they were very ugly LOLL i like to think i've gotten way better from then

content warning: this one's kinda graphic

i need to update this pages layout ...

lain sillies i was working on earlier :P i think i'm getting back into the swing of art again

i call the second one, "girl with the mustache tattoo"...

art dump :P sloooowly trying to get back into drawing at least every day, its hard finding the motivation when i'm not really interested in much at the moment.. except my fictional universes i'm too scared to actually flesh out LOL!

my fursona but i'm a baikal seal *cool emoji with glasses* ITS NOT CRINGE!!! DO NOT LAUGH AT ME !

a warmup i did awhile ago, trying to get back into the groove of art and whatnot :)
a little wip i have going, putting it here so i don't forget it and never come back to it.
fka twigs color study i did yesterday, i like it so i'll put it here :)
another late night update, this time with my baby my cinnamon apple my little fruitcake m-
okay so she's an oc i've been working on for a while now, i still can't find the perfect name for her but if anyone cares i'll explain her character a bit! think of the early 2000's club girl aesthetic, like paris hilton but not so much personality wise, except she's also not rich in the slightest. she has to make ends meet by pulling some schemes here and there and working alongside some other characters im still working on... bare with me i'm so bad at giving characters a personality ;-;
late night art study (referenced) just for some practice before bed

just testing out this feature! here's two characters i drew based off of jellyfish species, i'm thinking of making a whole world of characters based around jellyfish species. think splatoon but with yknow jelly!